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How to Unplug to Recharge

a top-down view of a campfire

Step away from the screens and refill your entrepreneurial cup. Do it now! Well, finish reading this blog and then go do it.

👣 Here are three reasons why you should pick an outdoor location for your solo business retreat…

1️⃣ It’s the kind of retreat you don’t need a laptop for, the kind where everything goes on airplane mode and you drop into YOU

2️⃣ If burnout is the name of the game and your entrepreneurial batteries need to be recharged

3️⃣ If you don’t plan on producing {some solo retreats are very focused on creating tangible outcomes, which is awesome!}, and instead focus on well-being as your outcome of your solo retreat

Some of our best ideas as founders and creators come during times of stillness and quiet. And the fresh air doesn’t hurt either. Take a deep breath…

Who’s up for a nature-based solo business retreat? 🌲 Where would you like to go? Comment below and we’ll add them to our location list. Let's unplug to recharge.

Happy Business Building!



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