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Using Social Media Mindfully For Your Business

charcuterie plate with fresh berries, a baguette and candles

A little over four years ago I deleted my business related social media platforms, dove deep into analog methods of client development and have spent years building my business successfully without it {at the time I was just doing what felt right to me, now I teach my clients how to do this}

I still saw clients US-wide

I still sold the same style of services

I still had the same impact (actually better) than I set out to have with my services

Here is what I know…

Relationships over transactions {i thought this was obvious and true for everyone, turns out it’s not and even if it is true for you - turning it into an actionable concept for your biz is not always obvious or easy for everyone}

As little as 5% increase in customer and client retention can increase revenue by as much as 25-95% (source: Bain & Company)

This is applicable for both service + product based businesses, it just looks slightly different

Business owners are skipping over this foundation and wasting time on things that aren’t generating revenue or making the impact they’d like {and are unhappy doing it}

It’s 2024, I’m not suggesting you shouldn’t or can’t have social media platforms for your business {and in fact, for 3 years prior to when I deleted my accounts four years ago, I had been using social well for my business - old school instagram and i wish i had just put that account to sleep instead of deleting {lesson learned}

Happy Business Building!



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