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"Since working with Johanna i've gained confidence, clarity, financial growth, solid systems, a broadened business network, and the excitement and momentum needed to launch a new service. I knew from the moment we met it would be the best fit in all the facets we have worked together. She has the tact and confidence in having hard conversations to move the needle forward just as easily as the fun conversations and a true desire to see me succeed and my business flourish. Johanna helped me build a business with intention, direction, and clarity and not feel alone while doing it! We all need Johanna on our team."

- Kate, Wild Birch Design



"Johanna Setta is truly a remarkable individual who has made a significant impact on me and my small business. Johanna functions as a generator and needle mover, providing invaluable support and guidance that has propelled me to think about my business in ways I certainly wasn't before. From the moment I started working with Johanna, I was inspired by her unwavering motivation and dedication to helping me excel. Her enthusiasm is infectious, and it has motivated me to push beyond my limits and strive for greater success. Johanna's ability to inspire and empower her clients is a true testament to her skills and expertise. What sets Johanna apart is her genuine empathy and care for her clients. She goes above and beyond to understand their unique challenges and goals, ensuring that her services are tailored to their specific needs. Working with Johanna, I always feel like she is personally invested in my success while meeting me where I am. Her unwavering support and encouragement have been instrumental in my business growth and confidence. One of the qualities that I admire most about Johanna is her exceptional organizational skills and purposeful approach. She has a remarkable ability to analyze complex situations and develop strategic plans that drive growth and progress. Johanna's meticulous attention to detail and structured approach helped me to streamline my business operations and achieve greater efficiency. Johanna Setta is an asset to anyone looking to strategize and execute a growth plan. Her empathetic nature, purposeful organization, and dedication make her a standout professional in her field and easily the choice over a business coach. I am truly grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Johanna, and I wholeheartedly recommend her services to any small business owner seeking guidance, motivation, and tangible results is a space that is comforting, open, and safe. She's a true gift."

- Rachel, Rely on Rach

"I would recommend Johanna to any business owners looking to expand and grow their business. I liked having someone to talk to about my business triumphs and struggles. Advice on how to reach out to others. Having someone else make the decisions and tell me what to do-a reprieve from decision fatigue! Johanna is inspiring, supportive, grounded, and compassionate. During our time together I gained a clear understanding of what I need to do to complete my course and how much work will be involved, Improved my ability to show up more on social media and  have a clear message, created a strong referral network and understanding the importance of in person networking, and conducted a rebranding with logo, tagline and colors as well as refining my brand message."

Paige, Online Landscape Designs

"Since working with Johanna I have landed new partnerships, including Healthy Living Market. I have a system set up to manage relationships and businesses (pipeline). I have agreements with my wholesalers! And I feel good about them! And they help present me at my professional best! I started my SOP and I’m making steady-ish income! She helped me gain confidence in myself, in my product. What Iliked about working with Johanna is that she listens, empathizes, cheers me on, and physically moves my product. She gives space for me to doubt and cry, she believes in me and what I am doing. The most important thing you should know is that she cares, from a very deep part of her, about us as people as well as our businesses. That matters more than I can easily express. She’s Intentional. She does an enviable job of separating work and life (at least from the outsiders perspective), and so I know that when she shows up in the biz SHE SHOWS UP. And she keeps me honest in doing the things I really really don’t want to do. Johanna is a gift that came into my life exactly when I needed her, and Icannot wait to continue this crazy journey because she’s not getting rid of me!"

-Elizabeth, Small Oven Pastries


"Since working with Johanna I have become a business owner, not just a kid with an idea. While in my body it might still feel like that sometimes, the work Johanna and I did together solidified my creative ideas into a professional direction. I now have more confidence, knowledge, and skills that make me a more well-rounded business person.


The best thing about working with Johanna is that she was by my side the entire time. Johanna is particularly good at pushing the parts of me and my business that I'd happily avoid without her. 

The most important thing to know about working with Johanna is that she is a mirror and the work that you put in will directly correlate to the results you achieve.


She will reflect the parts of yourself and your business that are beautiful but also the parts that are resistant ridden. Johanna shows up to her promise of delivering on accountability, direction, guidance, and support so you need to be sure you're ready to have someone on your team with those superpowers.

The space that Johanna holds for business owners is one of listening first and directing second.


Johanna is able to hold space for the person first through her listening skills. She is listening for the crumbs that lead to the full story. From there, she synthesizes her knowledge and coaching method to give direction and accountability. The great thing about Johanna is that she pauses for the soft-skills and then follows through with the encouragement to keep the hard-skills momentum going.


I would recommend Johanna to anyone who is in need of having someone close to them along an ambiguous journey. Many people take their business seriously without the help of a consultant, but for me I needed a friend, a mentor, a whiteboard, a creative guide - and that's exactly what Johanna was. I'd recommend Johanna to anyone who is looking to develop a professional service, get through seasonal changes in business, pivot into a new zone of genius, or anyone who simply enjoys the affirming and motivational consulting experience.


Deciding to work with Johanna is a mix of being prepared for the next step and a willingness to dare to dream."

-Taylor, Taylor Mitchum Creative


"Since working with Johanna, I have gained clarity and focus about where my business is headed and a pathway forward. She helped me see potential growth areas that I would not have imagined possible. I am getting ready to offer mentoring services to aspiring home organizers and on my way towards creating an online class.

Johanna is collaborative, she looks beyond the bottom line to connect to the deeper purpose of why/what I do. I have gained confidence in my ability to evolve and  share my passion for organizing with a whole new audience.

I recommend Johanna to any entrepreneur who is looking for a roadmap for growth and success that is uniquely tailored to balancing your professional and personal priorities and goals. Johanna is an enthusiastic champion who helps you develop a pathway to success that stays true to who you are, so that growth is a reflection of your deeper purpose.

Words I’d use to describe Johanna are - focused, attuned to your story, intuitive, respectful, genuine, joyful."

-Sarah, Clean Slate Home Organizing


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