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  A space to reconnect to yourself and your business.

✓  A mini audit of your business  where we ask the question: how well is your unique system for client/customer development working?

  A moment to bring intentionality into your business and life.

​Do any of these sound like you?

 You have the skills and passion but you don’t have a business to reflect it yet and you are ready to finally do this.

  You’ve built a business but find yourself stuck in inefficiencies without a system or process to reach your big goals.

  You have built a curated feed on social media and have a community there, you spend lots of time perfecting your website and doodling in Canva but you don’t have the revenue to match.

  You’re tired of doing this alone, and are looking for your entrepreneur community (spoiler alert, you don’t have to do it alone and you shouldn’t).

  You feel totally overwhelmed by client/customer development and maybe you think the only way to find them is on social media I'm here to share with you - it’s not.

  You and your business are established and you’re going through a transition, you’re ready for the next step but aren’t sure what it is.

  You’re building but it feels like one big hustle and you want to curate a business that aligns with your values and living a life you love.

The power of guided space + community + tools.

Slowing down doesn't necessarily feel intuitive when you're trying to grow, expand, or build. I see you. Pause for a second, here. FRESH PERSPECTIVES, RENEWED ENERGY, BEING PRESENT, NEW CONNECTIONS, AND PERSONAL GROWTH. These are connected to time, joy, and money in your business. I curate and hold space for my community to audit their business then develop a strategy to match. Oh and you get to be part of a rad community too (this is not only fun but will also help you build your business). 

In case you were curious.

Every entrepreneur has...

Setbacks, challenges, and failures that are inherent to the entrepreneurial journey. I like to do things that naturally teach me these metaphors for life. Like mountain bike, rock climb, hike, garden, cook new things (I'm a certified nutrition consultant too), take up new crafts, and put myself in situations where I'm "new". Did I mention parenting? I'm a mama of 2. Do you feel new, here? That's ok (and even good) - let's meet.


ANYONE can start a business. Not everyone stays. I'm inviting you to take off your coat, hang out, stick around a while and see what happens.


Businesses that engage in business retreats have 24% higher profit margins than those that don't. Not to mention innovation increases, productivity increases, stress reduces, and your community expands. 

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