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How to Take Yourself on a Solo Business Retreat

comfortable couch in a Swiss-inspired spa room

Raise your hand if you’re a solo entrepreneur or perhaps you have subcontractors or maybe just hired your first few team members. 

Now you plan your yearly, seasonal, or bi-annual solo business retreat…

You’ve got an idea for the perfect venue

You’ve got lots of lists on what you’re going to cover

You’ve got big dream goals

Now…imagine you’re given a roadmap with a solid format designed especially for YOU on how to get the most out of your retreat space and come out of it knowing that fueling your soul + your biz with this activity is actually saving you time and making you money. Would you be into this?

How many of you take yourselves on solo retreats for your business? What are your favorite places to do this at? Tell us in the comments; we’re starting a location list.

Happy Business Building!



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