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Making Time + Space for Hobbies

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Raise your hand if you have hobbies, interests, and activities you enjoy that you don’t monetize? Tell the truth — have you thought of monetizing it? It’s okay if the answer is yes. You are, after all, a business owner! 

I want to push back on this. Here is why it’s important not everything is a business…

🧠 Your brain needs to do something different, not related to building your business and without attachments to outcomes. Plus, it’s GOOD for you.

💡 When your downtime is spent crafting, reading for fun, doing a physical activity, or simply just being, your best ideas are being built {this can be a key part of your business building recipe}

❤️ You should do things that bring you joy, these activities keep you balanced + grounded and allow for a much needed mental decompression break

⭐ Depending on what type of business you run, a creative or physical outlet can be extremely important and allow for the creativity to flow

Humans are dynamic. You are more than just your business or the identities you have as a friend, partner, or caregiver. Give yourself the space to let yourself be — for however long feels good.

What are you into these days, fellow founders? What are your hobbies, sports, passions outside of your business? We’d love to hear! {Psst…mine is needle felting.}

Happy Business Building!



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