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How to Transition from a Flow to a Build Phase in Your Business

hand putting macaron cookies into a container

We’ve been thinking a lot about the transition from flow to build phase that founders go through {businesses go through these all the time, whether it’s first year of building or 10 years later building something new and likely many times in between}.

Some key elements to help you adapt from a flow to build phase…

⚡anticipate it taking twice as long {this buffer is even for those of you who have a super clear strategy and accurate deadline setting skills}

⚡ flow phase is about riding the waves you put in motion and enjoying the fruits of your labor ➡️ build phase is a time to channel that energy and put your creativity + innovation into action {upshifting your brain takes energy, be mindful of taking that into account}

⚡ whether you’re scaling, pivoting, or straight up building something brand new — embrace the change {give yourself grace, even if and especially if this isn’t your first rodeo}

⚡ know what resources and support systems you need to put in place before you start and set yourself up for success — who are you leaning on for support? 

So, are you in a flow or build phase? Or somewhere in between? Comment below, we’d love to hear more.

Happy Business Building!



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