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How to Create Boundaries in Your Business

calming display at a spa including rolled towels, qtips and incense

Hey, burnt out founders and business owners. It’s time to redefine your availability and prioritize your well-being. Communication boundaries are your secret weapon and your energy is a valuable asset that you must protect at all costs. Establishing boundaries is a skill and it takes time to develop. What are you waiting for? Start now and reap the rewards.

📱 Email, text, DM, Slack, Voxer — oh my! All of these are great tools but not if you don’t use them with care.

⚡ Resist the urge to be on call 24/7 {set communication times and guard them like your life depends on it}

⚡ Block time for emails, keep notifications off, only go into voice messages when you have dedicated space to listen, absorb, take notes, and respond to them

⚡ Get off social. Yes, it’s a valuable place for business growth. I’m not going to knock it. Go in, do your thing, support your people, and then shut it down.

Remember, putting up boundaries or being “less available” doesn’t mean your business slows down. In many cases, folks see revenue increase when they put communication boundaries into place. Need help with this? I’d love to welcome you into a free session with me.

Happy Business Building!



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