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How to Claim Your Business Narrative

Bare feet on a rainbow rug

Who has taken themselves on a solo business retreat? Why or why not? It’s time to claim your freaking business narrative {you get to do this, actually, only you can do this}. What’s your story? How are you telling it? 

We can so easily slip into routines that are hard to break out of. Something that really does a business owner good is breaking out of the typical day-to-day and mixing it up in a new environment, even one that’s just across town.

Here is why taking yourself on a solo retreat is not only good for your well-being and growth as a founder but revenue generating and productivity boosting to boot. 

dissect your profit + loss, redefine goals, align your spending with intention

⚡ escape the digital noise, use time with yourself to celebrate your success, solve problems, and ground you energetically to lead your business forward

change the literal space you’re in — it can increase productivity and inspire new ideas

So...who’s taking themselves on a solo business treat this year? Book a free session with me so we can plan out your retreat to make it the most productive.

Happy Business Building!



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