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What's stopping you from making your health and wellness goals a reality?

Learn what is truly blocking you from reaching (and maintaining) your optimal weight, restore your energy, say goodbye to food confusion, and nourish yourself beyond food. Stop googling how to handle your unique health and wellness goals and access the right support once and for all.

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Success Stories

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Dana M, Marketing for Fortune 500 Company

"Working with Johanna has been transformational. It’s been six months and not only do I have clearer skin, better sleep, and more energy, I have lost almost 20 pounds (I’m wearing clothes that haven’t fit for years!), and lab work from my recent annual physical showed a dramatic drop in my sugar and cholesterol levels. I have begun to shed relationships and activities that don’t have a positive impact on my well being, and have picked up new things that nourish my soul, like cooking! I love knowing what’s right for me, and my body, for this stage in my life."

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Ashley B, Investments Specialist

"Since working with Johanna, my anxiety has never been lower, i’m sleeping through the night, my skin is clear and less puffy, and i’m down 17 lbs. I have taken control back of my life. I’m fitting in things I haven’t been able to wear in 2 years and it feels incredible. I can get through a whole work day now and have a killer workout post-work. I still work in the same high-stress job with way too much on my plate, but my ability to deal with that stress is pretty incredible."

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Heather M, Physician Assistant

"I would say I was pretty much addicted to sugar, and now I don’t really have many cravings for it, which means there’s no shame after eating it.  I feel more balanced emotionally, with my energy levels, and therefore I feel “lighter” and a bit more care-free. I will say that I’ve also lost weight, even though I was eating a lot of food, I was never hungry. I honestly can say for my personality, I would not have been able to take control of my sugar cravings and change my nutritional intake without Well+Fed. Johanna is non-judgemental, informative, structured but not rigid, and she is realistic in terms of lifestyle. I feel amazing!!"


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