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Unmasking Financial Realities

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Let’s talk money. It’s incredibly important for more of us to be talking about money. How we make it, what we do with it, how we spend it, where we invest it, what our relationship is with it. Most importantly for folks historically excluded from being able to build wealth. 

We’ve all seen it on social media — the “influencer” founder sharing money as a tool to market a product (that often has nothing to do with the amount of money they make). While the money alone isn’t the problem, here is what is a problem:

MISLEADING NUMBERS — What’s their profit-loss, what’s their take home, is it 6 figures over multiple years or just this year? And sometimes, the numbers being shared just may not be real. Be discerning and don’t believe everything you see.

ONE SIZE FITS ALL — A promise that if you follow this one formula then you’ll make as much as they did in their launch. The problem here is you have no idea what else they have been doing in their business to get there, nor what sort of audience they already have, and spoiler alert: one size never fits all.

GROUNDING IN MONEY — It’s very tempting and natural to feel attracted to someone else’s seeming success and if they are using their own income as a marketing tool that comes with great responsibility (sharing the context around the number is important, not enough founders are doing this and transparency is paramount here).

What can you do?

Stay focused on the tool that’s actually being sold, ask questions, don’t be swayed by how much they are making, rather focus on the varied results of all of their clients and KNOW + TRUST your own process.

You’re wiser than you think, now go make some money.

Happy Business Building!



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