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Feeling stuck? Unsure of what to do? Google searching and looking to others who also don't have the answers? Ready to feel whole again? Want to make your health goals a reality?

Well+Fed is a personal nutrition consulting and wellness coaching service. Johanna intentionally takes on a small case load of Clients at a time, serving them deeply, tailoring each session to their needs, customizing resources, and being available and accessible through the process. She works with her Clients virtually. Seeing Clients in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, New York, Hawaii, Vermont, and beyond. ​Clients enjoy the flexibility of virtual services for their busy schedule and that she can be accessed from anywhere. Learn more about Johanna.


  • Functional Nutrition: A holistic approach to eating based on your bioindividual needs. Clearing up food confusion so you can make daily food choices with ease.

  • Lifestyle: Movement, Self-Care, Mind-Body Connection, Sleep.

  • Coaching: Mindset. Breaking free from the diet cycle, uncovering what's holding you back, and exploring your relationship with your food and lifestyle so you can reach your big goals!

Finally ready to focus on your personal and mental well-being after giving your all to your career, family, or education?

<<< You are invited to apply to experience your first session (at no cost). >>>

*If you are not an individual, but a business, I have something special for you as well. If you are not interested in generic corporate wellness programs but are looking to give the gift of personalized health and wellness to your top employees, let's connect. Whether you are interested in rewarding top employees, boosting productivity, increasing company moral, or retaining your best employees - Well+Fed is a unique approach to workplace wellness. You can reach me at



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