Well+Fed Project Series

Meet the Wellness Contributors for Season 2!

A digital series created by a group of wellness service providers and business owners in the Well+Fed Business Community, bringing every day wellness to your home. A place where the exclusivity of the word "wellness" is expanded to be accessible for all. We have created a space for you to design your personal wellness experience. Season 2 is All Access (aka FREE for Everyone)! This season includes things like yoga, cooking tutorials, wine education, mindfulness practices, cross training for outdoor adventure, recipes, and more. There is something for everyone.

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Johanna Setta
Cooking Tips for Camping, Natural + Clean Wine Education, How to use your CSA

Ellie Cushing
Coffee + Yoga

Maris Young
Honest Conversations

Justine Zolotas
Cross Training for Paddlers

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Stefani Hendricks
Beach Meditation

Alma Mujezinovic
Warm-Up for Runners

Erika Faith
Yoga for Mental Health

Rachel Rondeau
Hiking Tips & Cross Training for Hiking

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Lindsay Hoar
Recovering physically & mentally after Injury

Hannah Therrien

Lee Corbett
Summer Salad Guide

Christina Fornaciari
Stretching for Biking, Hiking, & Running

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Stephanie Baltz
Taking care of your skin in the Summer

Kelly McAuliffe
Bees & Honey

Kaitlyn Romagnoli
Zumba Tone

Gabriela Gioacchini
Sauerkraut Tutorial & Energetic Roadmap Talk

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Elizabeth Davidson
Essential Oils for Summer



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