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"Since working with Johanna, I'm so happy to report that I reduced my fasting Glucose and my A1C! As we were just about to start working together, I was diagnosed with cancer and so my goals shifted to include optimizing my immunity and strength for a faster recovery with minimal side effects. I felt very strong throughout radiation (no chemo, thankfully) and was never even fatigued. After surgery I was able to return to work after just 3 weeks (average time out is 4-6 weeks). I attribute much of this to Johanna's great nutrition and supplement plan, and lifestyle advice/encouragement. Johanna is knowledgable, supportive,  and caring.  She has a wonderful way of approaching the process which makes it easy to follow and to adjust one's own previous habits and notions about food and nutrition."

Andrea K, Business Development   

"I reached my optimal weight with a healthy mindset and within the parameters of my current lifestyle (ie. I could go out to eat, have a drink with friends, etc). My investment in working with Johanna helped me take other steps with my health as well, I sought medical advice to get my thyroid health back on track and stayed committed to a new exercise routine as well. I would say that one of the biggest benefits has been feeling like I now have my own tools that I can rely on to look at health and wellness through a holistic lens. Johanna approached our work together with so much curiosity. I knew she was personalizing sessions for me based on what she learned from previous sessions, notes, and intake forms. She was not following some generic template or script for each session. There is obvious work that she puts into each session and follow up notes. She approached our work together like a puzzle, always thinking of what might work best for me and willing to experiment or try out new ideas."

Lindsay Y, Nonprofit Program Director

"Johanna, thank you for the amazing 3 month journey of information, education, transition and exciting new habits and slowly shedding the old. There are countless changes I've made for the better, and I'll always be grateful. To name a few, using the beautiful flavor of Ghee, feeling confident about the type of eggs we buy and feed our kids, knowing what I'm actually doing to my body with the foods I choose... how I'm treating my body with my health concerns.... my new love for the new found consideration set for healthy fats and all your great educational soundbites throughout... and of course, the very sweet cookbook gift from the get-go! All so wonderfully packaged in 3 amazing months. I always looked forward to our sessions. You have an amazing style and unique craft that is so needed in this world. I wish you a lifetime of success living your best life and all the ensuing successes you deserve!"

Julie E, Senior Creative Director

“Since working with Johanna, my anxiety has never been lower, i’m sleeping through the night, my skin is clear and less puffy, and i’m down 17 lbs. I have taken control back of my life. I’m fitting in things I haven’t been able to wear in 2 years and it feels incredible. I can get through a whole work day now and have a killer workout post-work. I still work in the same high-stress job with way too much on my plate, but my ability to deal with that stress is pretty incredible. The ‘old me’, as I refer to her, would ‘punish’ me if I missed my ridiculously high goals I set for myself by eating ‘comfort food’ (i.e. carbs, dairy, wine). The ‘new me’ says – ‘ok you had a crazy day so let’s have a nice walk to the train and when you get home take a nice hot shower, have some magnesium with dinner and your favorite sleepy time tea. Working with Johanna made healthy things habitual, which means you can change what you do now to alter how you’ll feel later. You just have to do something long enough that it becomes part of your routine. I am fueling my body with the things my body is telling me I need which, in turn, is fueling my mind to stay clear, focused, and at ease.  My biggest hesitation before working with Johanna was that, like every other food change I’ve tried to implement – Paleo, Weight Watchers, Advocare – I would inevitably go back to the way I was eating before. I also wasn’t convinced that my gut health had an impact on my mental health. I assumed the high level of anxiety I had was just part of me and never going away (even with the medication I take). I also didn’t think I could change that voice inside that said ‘eat your pasta and cheese and drink your wine – it’ll make you feel so much better tonight even if you won’t feel great tomorrow’. I believed I had good genes and I’d be fine eating how I always ate. Johanna made this work easy. I appreciated the pace at which changes were introduced. At no point did I feel overwhelmed by the process. My quality of life has gone up and I feel empowered by the food and nutrition knowledge I now have. I feel excited that I can pass this food and nutrition knowledge down to my future kids. Working with Johanna is, without sounding dramatic, the most important thing I’ve done in my life other than marrying my husband. She makes you feel heard and understood. She’s thorough and thoughtful. She encourages but doesn’t force. She listens and teaches. If there is something, physically or mentally, amiss in your life, working with Johanna could be exactly what helps get you back on the track you want to be on. It’s your life and you only get one, so take the opportunity to work with Johanna and see how much better you can feel, mentally and physically, to live your BEST life.” 

-Ashley B, Investments Specialist

“I was most hesitant about the work it would require and time commitment. While it did add some things to my to do list every week, the shift in lifestyle and eating habits has given me more energy and made me more productive. I am no longer bingeing on peanut butter m&ms and ice cream like I did for two years after getting sober from alcohol. I am cooking and trying new recipes. It was helpful that Johanna and I worked together for so many weeks initially because my body became used to eating differently. Now my body knows what it feels like to only consume nutrient-dense foods and it would be hard to go back to eating junk. Johanna is wonderful and incredibly knowledgable and kind. I also learned about how to use some new-to-me ingredients and food items like chia seeds and bone broth. Johanna uses a holistic approach with her clients. Yes, this is primarily a nutrition program, but she taps into the social/emotional health almost as much as the physical health with her clients. And that’s super critical because the two really do go hand in hand.”

-Joanna M, Teacher

“I have followed different weight loss and fitness programs over the last 25 years, succeeding and feeling great for periods of time, but none of which helped me sustain a fit and healthy lifestyle at my ideal weight. I entered menopause a few years ago, and started slowly gaining weight, and small injuries were keeping me from regular exercise. I was beginning to accept this as my “new normal”, and was hesitant to add yet another “program” that may not have sustained value over the long term. Working with Johanna has been transformational. It’s been six months and not only do I have clearer skin, better sleep, and more energy, I have lost almost 20 pounds (I’m wearing clothes that haven’t fit for years!), and lab work from my recent annual physical showed a dramatic drop in my sugar and cholesterol levels. I have begun to shed relationships and activities that don’t have a positive impact on my well being, and have picked up new things that nourish my soul, like cooking! I love knowing what’s right for me, and my body, for this stage in my life. Johanna thoughtfully addresses and coaches on the whole self. She is incredibly thorough, beginning with her assessment and recommendations, materials, resources, and coaching. She always has an agenda for our calls, yet will allow the conversation to go where it needs, and supports it with followup notes and additional information. Her program includes an abundance of recipes that keep me from feeling deprived. We never talk about what I’m not eating, because the focus is on what TO eat to achieve a healthy nutritional balance. I truly feel that our work together has given me a new lifestyle that helps me feel more joy, balance and resilience. I recommend Johanna to anyone who wants to make a positive change to their health and overall well being, and who is ready and willing to commit to the effort.”

-Dana M, Marketing for Fortune 500 Company

“I would say I was pretty much addicted to sugar, and now I don’t really have many cravings for it, which means there’s no shame after eating it.  I feel more balanced emotionally, with my energy levels, and therefore I feel “lighter” and a bit more care-free.  I still get sugar cravings, but it’s a lot easier to say no and to recognize that I’m just hungry and I eat some fruit (which now tastes much sweeter) or nuts.  I still get tired, but I don’t have high highs or low lows.  Ironically, I do spend more time preparing food and grocery shopping, but I spend less time thinking about food.  I will say that I’ve also lost weight, even though I was eating a lot of food, I was never hungry, even the smoothies are very filling.  My body wants to move more, it’s easier to get the motivation to workout or even just move after a long day at work.  I honestly can say for my personality, I would not have been able to take control of my sugar cravings and change my nutritional intake without this program.  One of my favorite parts is the the recipes!!!  This made meal prep and planning so much easier than hunting down recipes that fit into the “Go” food categories!!  Also the “Quick Meal” which is perfect for work, given that I work in an emergency department and don’t get meal breaks.  The smoothie recipes are filling and delicious!  Oh and the dressings,  they were fresh and very tasty!  I really liked the audio, short and sweet to listen to on the way to work, Johanna is relaxed and easy to listen to!! I would definitely recommend this program and Johanna.  It’s non-judgemental, informative, structured but not rigid, she is realistic in terms of making mistakes and lifestyle, the program is very doable and the advice/information is poignant. I feel amazing!!  It’s two days since the program ended and I’m still eating the same way.”

-Heather M, Physician Assistant

“I have been feeling super energized, motivated, and clear minded on Well + Fed, gained so much knowledge, and learned some awesome recipes and healthy alternatives. I loved having Johanna there to answer questions and support me through the process. Johanna is so incredibly knowledgeable. All of her hard work and dedication shows through her love of good food and her willingness to help others with their nutrition and wellness. Well + Fed has helped me to integrate better nutrition into my whole body/mind/soul wellness journey with yoga, pranayama, and more self care. It’s just an awesome program. You really do feel amazing from the inside, out!”

-Liane S, Yoga Instructor

” I no longer rely on coffee to get me through the day/week!!!!!! and I rarely crave sweets (and when I do, I have WELL+FED options that are also full of nutrients instead of just empty calories and processed sugar).  I no longer get hangry!  I have meal plans that I can use on rotation or I can pull from them and my leftovers to easily make a plan for the week.  I have a great collection of new recipes and I am using new ingredients that I feel good about.  I also have much more energy, focus, and brain clarity.  I am utilizing her meal prep methods each week and saving a ton of time (and the brain-strain of trying to figure out what is for dinner every day).   I feel better over all, and even when I am tired (because I still never get enough sleep) I can function and I have what I need to power through instead of how I used to feel (absolutely toast and unable to function).  I am hydrating! I really enjoyed having a different perspective on my health from a professional — the new ideas she gave me about all aspects of my life gave me a lot to think about, research and act on. I have gained a ton of confidence through the education Johanna has given me about my personal health.  I now have a plan for all aspects of my health, and I realize that it will change and adapt along with my life, but the foundation is there and that is a great feeling. I have recommended the WELL+FED Program to anyone who will listen to me just because I have had such a great experience and I feel that the program is so worth while for anyone who is interested in their health.  I now know that there is so much more to health than just exercising and counting calories.”

-Amber M, Outdoor Recreation Logistics

“What I like best about Johanna is her passion for a whole foods eating approach and enthusiasm.  Also, she was so knowledgeable and able to answer my many questions. She is sincerely interested in helping people achieve a healthy lifestyle and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her program to others.”

– Brenda C, Retired -Department of Environmental Conservation

“I had hesitations about giving up alcohol but I was able to with the program. I recommend this to anyone looking to take control of their diet and make REAL life changes. I lost 13 pounds, I’m sleeping better, and my family is eating better.” 

-Jim S.

“I was worried about making too many drastic diet changes at once. I didn’t think I would be able to stick to it, even for 21 days. I am very happy with the results! My digestion is much better. (It was a mess before. Now I’m pretty sure I know what my trigger foods are.). I have more energy, which I think is the result of not eating processed sugar, sweets, & white flour; and not drinking coffee. I like that Johanna focuses on ALL areas of health and well-being. It’s not just what we physically put into our bodies. It’s also important to feed our brains with positivity and compassion. One thing you need to know is that it’s not a DIET — it’s a building block for better, long-term health and that Johanna is super knowledgeable, positive, and fun!”

-Kristin K.

“I feel like I need to spread the good word on this program. I have personally worked one-on-one with Johanna and know that her advice works. I was racked with brain fog, digestive issues and a slew of other problems that my body was using to tell me things were out of whack. If you are looking for a way to jumpstart the New Year or are fed up of putting your health behind other things in your life than please take a look into this program. I know the heart and soul Johanna has put into this and am excited that she wants to use her knowledge and experience to help others who may feel like they are stuck with the symptoms they experience on a daily basis.”

-Allie S, Student



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