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Maybe you're ready to not be the only one doing everything?  Or perhaps it's an upcoming transition or unexpected growing pains?  Is it a few tasks or many that you need help with? 


Let's talk custom options.

Packages and pricing are specific to your needs.  I provide project based services (anything with an end date and deliverable) and/or on-going support services (I take it off your plate for as long as you need).   

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  • Project Management

  • Client Management

  • Email Management

  • Calendar + Scheduling

  • Data Entry

  • Customer Service

  • Administrative Overhaul

  • Research

  • Contract Management

  • Management of Group Platforms

  • Admin Management of Instagram

  • Personal Systems for Solopreneurs

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  • Sales + Distribution Platform Development

  • Business Systems Development

  • Online Event Planning

  • Webinar Planning

  • Grant Writing

  • Certification Management

  • Business Planning

  • Diversifying Sales + Products

  • Distribution Support

  • Policy + Procedure Development

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  • Copy for Website, Brochures, and General Marketing​

  • Event Planning (workshop, conference, tour, dinner)​

  • Identify diversified opportunities for income (value added product, events, training & tutorials)

  • Creating Programs + Packages 

It's time to ask for help.

Let's grow!

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