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  • How to Create Boundaries in Your Business

    Hey, burnt out founders and business owners. It’s time to redefine your availability and prioritize your well-being. Communication boundaries are your secret weapon and your energy is a valuable asset that you must protect at all costs. Establishing boundaries is a skill and it takes time to develop. What are you waiting for? Start now and reap the rewards. 📱 Email, text, DM, Slack, Voxer — oh my! All of these are great tools but not if you don’t use them with care. ⚡ Resist the urge to be on call 24/7 {set communication times and guard them like your life depends on it} ⚡ Block time for emails, keep notifications off, only go into voice messages when you have dedicated space to listen, absorb, take notes, and respond to them ⚡ Get off social. Yes, it’s a valuable place for business growth. I’m not going to knock it. Go in, do your thing, support your people, and then shut it down. Remember, putting up boundaries or being “less available” doesn’t mean your business slows down. In many cases, folks see revenue increase when they put communication boundaries into place. Need help with this? I’d love to welcome you into a free session with me. Happy Business Building! Johanna

  • How to Claim Your Business Narrative

    Who has taken themselves on a solo business retreat? Why or why not? It’s time to claim your freaking business narrative {you get to do this, actually, only you can do this}. What’s your story? How are you telling it? We can so easily slip into routines that are hard to break out of. Something that really does a business owner good is breaking out of the typical day-to-day and mixing it up in a new environment, even one that’s just across town. Here is why taking yourself on a solo retreat is not only good for your well-being and growth as a founder but revenue generating and productivity boosting to boot. ⚡ dissect your profit + loss, redefine goals, align your spending with intention ⚡ escape the digital noise, use time with yourself to celebrate your success, solve problems, and ground you energetically to lead your business forward ⚡ change the literal space you’re in — it can increase productivity and inspire new ideas So...who’s taking themselves on a solo business treat this year? Book a free session with me so we can plan out your retreat to make it the most productive. Happy Business Building! Johanna

  • Unmasking Financial Realities

    Let’s talk money. It’s incredibly important for more of us to be talking about money. How we make it, what we do with it, how we spend it, where we invest it, what our relationship is with it. Most importantly for folks historically excluded from being able to build wealth. We’ve all seen it on social media — the “influencer” founder sharing money as a tool to market a product (that often has nothing to do with the amount of money they make). While the money alone isn’t the problem, here is what is a problem: ☾ MISLEADING NUMBERS — What’s their profit-loss, what’s their take home, is it 6 figures over multiple years or just this year? And sometimes, the numbers being shared just may not be real. Be discerning and don’t believe everything you see. ☾ ONE SIZE FITS ALL — A promise that if you follow this one formula then you’ll make as much as they did in their launch. The problem here is you have no idea what else they have been doing in their business to get there, nor what sort of audience they already have, and spoiler alert: one size never fits all. ☾ GROUNDING IN MONEY — It’s very tempting and natural to feel attracted to someone else’s seeming success and if they are using their own income as a marketing tool that comes with great responsibility (sharing the context around the number is important, not enough founders are doing this and transparency is paramount here). What can you do? ☾ Stay focused on the tool that’s actually being sold, ask questions, don’t be swayed by how much they are making, rather focus on the varied results of all of their clients and KNOW + TRUST your own process. You’re wiser than you think, now go make some money. Happy Business Building! Johanna

  • Your Well-Being is Your Greatest Asset

    Repeat after me and say it out loud, even. Your well-being is your greatest asset. Let that sink in. Has a truer statement ever been proclaimed?! Entrepreneurship thrives when you do, fueled by self-awareness, intuition, and real partnerships. True abundance is found in intentional living {and intentional business building}, mindful choices, and cultivating a values based community. Burnt out founders, overstimulated creators, introverted shop owners, overconnected service providers…let’s be done with all the noise and build slower to build better. Slowing down and thriving on purpose doesn’t necessarily mean that your business slows down. In many cases, founders see revenue increase when they put boundaries in place to protect their time and energy. Does this sound familiar? Do you need to get off the rollercoaster but you aren’t sure how? Join our private business broadcast where in 10 minutes or less, you receive a weekly tangible tool or strategy to implement today for the well-being of you and your business. Happy Business Building! Johanna

  • Hey, Entrepreneurs and Founders! Welcome to a New Way of Doing Things

    Entrepreneurs, founders, creators, freelancers, side hustlers...gather ‘round. We’re demystifying the buzzword “manifestation.” We hesitate to even mutter this word another time. Let’s lean in together for a moment… Real-life manifestation is found in the analog moments, intentional steps, and decisions you make on the daily. It’s not some big secret; it’s really as simple as aligning your thoughts with purposeful action. And, spoiler alert, there is probably space here to dream bigger. ⪢ Manifestation knows no bounds, so why not think beyond the realm of your wildest dreams? As an entrepreneur, you don’t just think about success, you create it. ⋒ It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy. Intentional living, mindful practices, time to decompress and tune out — these are the tools that are going to get you there. In business building, the magic unfolds in the doing. Thinking isn’t enough — this is a call to action. What are you doing today that could move your business forward tomorrow? Welcome to Directional Glow. Real talk for entrepreneurs. Where your well-being is your greatest asset. ᨒ Happy Business Building! Johanna

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