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Meet the Directional Glow Club Guides: Taylor Mitchum

taylor standing on a dock by a body of water with his hands crossed

Introducing, one of the many incredible guides in the Directional Glow Club. Meet Taylor (he/him/his)!

Directional Glow: Tell me about yourself. What do you want people to know about you?

Taylor Mitchum: I have contagious enthusiasm. Life for me is upbeat and I enjoy getting others excited about the things they want to accomplish. I love the challenge of meeting people and creating lasting relationships. I derive a lot of satisfaction from breaking the ice and making new connections. Friends would say that I prefer to go with the flow. I tend to be a “now” person and take things as they come. I like to say that I’m “trying to do it all, one step at a time.” A special skill of mine is finding connections between seemingly disparate phenomena. Because I’m fascinated with abstract ideas and creativity and want to retain it all, I have an innate need to collect and archive. Over time, I find myself accumulating information, ideas, and relationships. I’m on a mission to encourage people to follow their minds to the places it wanders while providing accountability in the life-long quest to connect all the dots.

DG: What is your favorite personality framework and which one do you identify with?

TM: I forget what personality type I am! [Laughs] I recently took the CliftonStrengths test and it really resonated with me! My top five strengths in order are: Positivity, Woo, Adaptability, Ideation, and Input.

DG: If you could grab an alcohol-free beverage with one founder, who would it be and why (and what bev would you be drinking)?

TM: It would be the people who created Baboon to the Moon bags. It’s silly but I just love their product. I met one of the co-founders in the TSA line at the Newark Airport once, and sadly I didn’t get a free bag. And I’d be drinking a Lagunitas Hoppy Refresher!

Here’s where you can find Taylor: 

Instagram, TikTok, & Twitter: @taylormmitchum

Taylor’s Specialties:

  • AI

  • Branding + Copy

  • Tech Support

  • Creative Partnering

Interested in learning more about the Directional Glow Club, which comes with opportunities to connect and collaborate with Taylor? Hop into a 1:1 session with me and we will see if it’s a good fit. Looking forward to meeting you!

Happy Business Building!



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