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Meet the Directional Glow Club Guides: Rachel Averitt

Introducing, one of the many incredible guides who run sessions in the Directional Glow Club. 

Rachel setting up a tripod for a content creation shoot

Meet Rachel (she/her), the creative force behind "Rely on Rach" and Hiraya Studios in Bristol, Rhode Island. With over two decades of expertise, Rachel excels in commercial food photography and food styling, transforming ordinary culinary presentations into extraordinary visual tales. Her passion for capturing the essence of each subject is just part of what makes her work truly stand out.

Beyond her skills behind the camera, Rachel is a dynamic content creator and event marketer, adept at elevating brand narratives and engaging diverse audiences. She is deeply integrated into her community, serving as an active member of the Rhode Island Food Policy Council and a passionate volunteer at Research BIPOC History, where she contributes to preserving and celebrating the rich, diverse heritage of the area.

In her workshops, Rachel brings her wealth of knowledge and unique creative insights, offering more than just technical skills. She provides a platform for creative collaboration and strategic marketing insights, helping businesses and individuals unlock their full potential. Rachel's goal is to empower, inspire, and cultivate a community of forward-thinking creators.

Join Rachel in her world where each project is an opportunity to create impactful connections and lasting legacies. Don't miss the chance to learn from her extensive experience and to be inspired by her dedication to making a difference through art and community involvement.

Here’s where you can find Rachel’s website and on Instagram.

Rachel’s Specialties:

  • Branding + Design

  • Commercial Photography

  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

  • Website Development

  • Licensing + Contract Negotiation

  • Canva

Interested in learning more about the Directional Glow Club, which comes with opportunities to connect and collaborate with Rachel? Hop into a 1:1 session with me and we will see if it’s a good fit. Looking forward to meeting you!

Happy Business Building!



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