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Meet the Directional Glow Club Guides: Nariah Broadus

Nariah Broadus

Introducing one of the many incredible guides in the Directional Glow Club. Meet Nariah (she/her), a career and leadership coach. Nariah was originally a client of Johanna’s and when she started the club, she knew Nariah had to be a Guide. 

Directional Glow: Tell me about yourself. What do you want people to know about you?

Nariah Broadus: I'm a maker (my current loves are knitting and weaving), avid reader, and novice birdwatcher. After decades working in higher education, I made a pivot to career and leadership coaching. My practice is focused on helping people find more agency at work and aligning who they are with what they do. I live in Vermont with my husband and two rescue dogs.

DG: What is your favorite personality framework and which one do you identify with?

NB: CliftonStrengths! My top 5 are Maximizer, Strategic, Relator, Empathy, and Developer.

DG: If you could grab an alcohol-free beverage with one founder, who would it be and why (and what bev would you be drinking)?

NB: I'd love a caramel latte with Karen Walrond (@heychookooloonks) — she's an author and multi-hyphenate who's so inspiring and uplifting. She also makes 50+ look like the club you want to belong to.

Nariah’s Specialties:

  • Leadership Coaching

  • Financial Clean-Ups

  • Digital Organization

  • Copy

  • Partnerships

Interested in learning more about the Directional Glow Club, which comes with opportunities to connect and collaborate with Nariah? Hop into a 1:1 session with me and we will see if it’s a good fit. Looking forward to meeting you!

Happy Business Building!



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