Knowledge. Habits. Action.

Johanna is a nutrition consultant with a background in organic agriculture and food policy on a mission to clear up food confusion and put the power of optimal health back in her clients hands.

She combines modern science and behavior change theory with practical steps that are customized for your kitchen & mind so that you can reach your health and performance goals.

<<< Restore your energy. Stop the diet cycle. Make food choices feel easy and enjoyable. Understand your body. Feel relief from stress and anxiety. Recover from burnout. Achieve optimal health. >>> 

We do this all through simple steps crafted carefully, rooted in food and behavior . Tools for you to use right now that don't include diet talk, calorie counting, or scale obsessing. 

<<< Life doesn’t stop, or necessarily get easier either. But you can get stronger. More focused and at ease. You are not alone. You can feel more connected to what really matters to you.>>>



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